I’ll share with you some ideas

I’ll share with you some ideas that have worked for me. Add some descriptions with relevant results of your previous jobs on LinkedIn and your CVs. I can read some results in your profile, but they are unclear to me. For example: – How large were the teams you created? – What were the savings you brought as an assistant general manager? – What were the results of your latest role? There is nothing about it. Next, write a more appealing About. I can tell you that I have 10+ years of experience in Software Development with X and Y techs and that means nothing to a recruiter. After that, I can see the positions you’re looking for are quite high. Great, how about creating a profile that is related to them? If I wanted to be the Vice President of Sales in X organization and that’s not an SME/StartUp, and I’m looking for a job for over a year, then something is not working. Either your expectations are too high or you’re not selling yourself well. You must have a fantastic Elevator Pitch as your About. Further, your current About is too diverse. Focus on 2 or 3 key areas and explain what you’ve done with precise results and why I should hire you. As a bonus, get some references and a nice banner. 1st impressions matter.

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